Analysis and computational tools


A versatile set of tools to analyse 1d data sets in MATLAB.

A collection of routines designed to facilitate the analysis of one dimensional (i.e. x, y, error) data sets from the command line in MATLAB. Data can be loaded into a structure, known as a spec1d object, and then processed with simple one-line commands. Liberal use is made of the operator overload feature of MATLAB5 so that operators such ‘+’, ‘*’ are redefined to work on 1d spectra, including the correct handling of error propogation. Using spec1d it is possible to perform complex data analysis, including non-linear least-squares fitting, in a very efficient manner. As it makes use of the load and function libraries from MFIT/MVIEW, it is completely general, and can be used to analyse data from more or less any source.

Requires MATLAB 5.1 or higher.

Virtual Crystal Mean Field

A mean field calculation tool to calculate doped materials magnetic properties in MATLAB.
The Virtual Crystal Mean Field algorithm is a powerful yet simple algorithm to calculate the magnetic properties of doped materials. The doping is taken in account by mixing the mean field from the different ion kinds with the appropriate ratio.

LiHo/ErF4 phase diagram obtained by Virtual Crystal Mean Field
Order parameter vs temperature and doping for LiHo/ErF4

Inhomogenuous Mean Field

A mean field program to compute magnetic properties of doped materials accounting for disorder.

One of the main limitations from the above Virtual Crystal Mean Field program is that disorder effects are neglected. Disorder is a key ingredient to many exotic magnetic phases. This program calculate the magnetic state over a large disorder realization.

This program is parallelized in order to use the Message Passing Interface (MPI) and optionnaly the computing power now available on the graphical cards using NVIDIA CUDA programming language.

 LiHo_0.1Y_0.9F4 field cooled spin-spin correlation function fourier transform
Spin-Spin correlation function Fourier transform of LiHo/YF4 with 10% Holmium.

Python Instrument Control (Pinklib)

A versatile instrument control software that uses the National Instruments VISA specification.


A short set of matlab routines to calculate the transmission of a neutron absorption filter based on the ENDF (Evaluated Nuclear Data File) database.

The neutron cross section for each isotope can be downloaded from the database (method shown in the README.txt file) :

The routine averages them according to abundancy, converts to transmission and plots both cross-section and transmission