sQuid: observation and interaction in experimental environments

sQuid is an open-source C++/Qt software application designed to observe environments using FireWire cameras (IEEE 1394), while interacting with these environments through a port interface (e.g. IEEE 1284). We envision that this application will be very useful in scientific research as well as robotics.

As an example, we control a system of LEDs and valves while multiple cameras capture visual information from an experiment. Specifically, fruit flies (Drosophila melanogaster) are placed within a transparent chamber to visualize their behavior (Ramdya et al. 2012). While capturing images from two cameras, we simultaneously control a series of LEDs to excite fluorescence proteins and generate gas flow by controlling a series of valves.

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> Fluorescence Behavioral Imaging (FBI)

In silico benchmark generation and performance profiling of network inference methods
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Stochastic Simulations for DREAM4

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