Flight Control in Complex Environments: From Insects to Robots

Bumblebee in a forest

Flying robots are very useful for tasks such as aerial mapping, fast exploration, video footage and monitoring of buildings. However, autonomous missions are usually constrained to high altitude flights above flat surfaces in order to avoid collisions. Traditional methods for collision-free navigation require large resources and limit the payload of robots.

On the other hand, flying insects are able to navigate safely and efficiently using low quality vision as their main sensory input. Ideally, robots could adopt insects strategies, but little is known about the way insects turn visual stimuli into muscular actuation during flight. This precludes a direct implementation of insect flight control into robots and forces roboticists to guess appropriate strategies.

In this thesis, we aim to investigate, develop and implement insect-inspired control strategies in flying robots for goal-oriented navigation in complex environments. We will start by exploring insect sensing and actuation through experiments with bumblebees. Then, we will model the insect’s flight control strategies. This model will be tested in simulation and implemented in a custom designed flying robot. Through experiments in natural environments, we will characterize the efficiency of our model for goal-oriented collision-free navigation.


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A Generalized Adjusted Min-Sum Decoder for 5G LDPC Codes: Algorithm and Implementation

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Automated all-functionals infrared and Raman spectra

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Extremely Red Galaxies at z=5-9 with MIRI and NIRSpec: Dusty Galaxies or Obscured Active Galactic Nuclei?

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Validation of the Scientific Program for the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument

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Multigraded algebras and multigraded linear series

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Flood, farms and credit: The role of branch banking in the era of climate change

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Nanostructure and Optical Property Tailoring of Zinc Tin Nitride Thin Films through Phenomenological Decoupling: A Pathway to Enhanced Control

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Weak gravitational lensing measurements of Abell 2744 using JWST and shear measurement algorithm pyRRG-JWST

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Monthly Notices Of The Royal Astronomical Society


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The CRL5-SPSB3 ubiquitin ligase targets nuclear cGAS for degradation

P. Xu; Y. Liu; C. Liu; B. Guey; L. Li et al. 



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Wandering principal optical axes in van der Waals triclinic materials

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Toward responsible face datasets: modeling the distribution of a disentangled latent space for sampling face images from demographic groups

P. Rahimi; C. Ecabert; S. Marcel 

2023 Ieee International Joint Conference On Biometrics, Ijcb


IEEE International Joint Conference on Biometrics (IJCB), Ljubljana, SLOVENIA, SEP 25-28, 2023.

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Validation and Application of Hysteresis Loss Model for HTS Stacks and Conductors for Fusion Applications

A. Zappatore; N. Bykovskiy; G. De Marzi 

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Machine Learning Security Against Data Poisoning: Are We There Yet?

A. E. Cina; K. Grosse; A. Demontis; B. Biggio; F. Roli et al. 



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An Optimal Control Formulation of Tool Affordance Applied to Impact Tasks

B. Ti; Y. Gao; J. Zhao; S. Calinon 

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Hosing of a Long Relativistic Particle Bunch in Plasma

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