©John Kormëling, Hole in the clouds

Life as the starting point for making a house. Together with a framed reference, first reacting on a fascination by defining a fragment; a fragment as an open starting point that is never complete. It is about construction. About structure, about space, about atmosphere.

Pieces of furniture will be the continuation. Looking to references of furnitures; as ways to allow life; making to understand architecture, how details make spaces, construction makes composition. But also depicting furniture will be tackled through reference drawings. It is about making. About structure, about material, about drawing.

The fragment will lead to a house; from that fragment to another location, implemented by a specific theme to tackle the site.

It is about living. About construction, about making, about the city. The context once again is Belgium. A city within a city, a place to be redefined.



Starting from two given references : one showing a way of living, one showing an architectural fragment.

Thinking differently about how we live, imagining and reintepreting; how does this affect the fragment; on construction; material; detail; aspects that all define not only by a quality of space but now also by its meaning.

Making of that fragment; is about interpretation of what was; could be on a precise topic – it doesn’t fall apart -; but also and at the end about beauty – maybe it does fall apart -; for sure



A drawing reference and a furniture reference.

A la manière de, how and why a drawing is drawn and a furniture is constructed, what does this mean for the fragment. To end up inventing a furniture and constructing a furniture.

Observation rather than analyze; observing the fragment – observing the references – understanding where one becomes the other.

Drawing imagining the furniture, the furniture inventing the drawing; focus; on movement; on construction; material; detail; aspects that all define not only by a quality of space but now also by its meaning.



The house as the outcome of dealing with the existing. The existing
as starting and not as endpoint. And how to interact on a site, or deliberately not.

Taking focus on a house but also focus once again on construction, material, detail.

Making a house.

students / Lou Aznavourian, Sarah Carroz, Simon Ciompi, Anna Compagnon, Paul Crisinel, Joséphine Desalbres, Agathe Ducos, Leo Duyck, Lydia Genecand, Nils Gilot, Daniel Go, Noémie Guillouzic, Boris Haefeli, Raúl Hansra, Cindy Isoz, Victor Kleyr, Tereza Kublova, Moritz Käser, Ayla Kölbl, Amélie Lambert, Ysaure Landon, Eugènie Mazerand, Léonard Moeschler, Loïc Mundinger, Grégoire Rivier, Victoria Siragusa, Justine Thévoz, Clara Vinet, Arla Williams

assistants / Axel Chevroulet, Juliette Contat, Ghan Oudhuis