A book will be the starting point. A text, an image as a reference. Reacting on a fascination of that reference by defining a fragment ; a fragment as an open starting point that is never complete.

The city will be the continuation for the exercise. Reacting on the
city by defining stairs; stairs as an element that connects outside and inside, bottom and top, city and house.

It is about moving. About structure, about space, about atmosphere. The fragment leads to two houses; the stairs to two times two houses. It is about living. About structure, about space, about atmosphere.

Learning about a house is learning about architecture. Four houses will share a staircase, to become four city houses.



Starting from a personnal facination of a book; the fragment, not a facade or building but a fragment of a house.

Taking focus on a fragment; on construction; material; detail; aspects that all define not only by a quality of space but now also by its meaning.



Taking focus on stairs ; on movement ; on construction ; material ; detail ; aspects that all define not only by a quality of space but now also by its meaning.

Making of those stairs ; is about interpretation of what was ; could be in the city block on a precise topic – it doesn’t fall apart -; but also and at the end about beauty – maybe it does fall apart – ; for sure.



Taking focus on a house but also focus once again on construction, material, detail ; aspects that are all defined not only as quality of perception of space but also by its meaning ; by that taking movement II as guiding in deciding and changing depending on the meaning of each other house.

That house; a meeting between rooms with different meaning ; changing that earlier idea in the frame of that meaning – or not ; or maybe even completely different – triptyques

students / Lily Blanchard, Arthur Breen, Gabrielle Chilinski, Eva Collier, Eissa Cottier, Battsooj Enkbhbaatar, Eric Gozzi, Céline Gruffel, Keivan Haghighatshoar, François Megret, Marton Noël, Federico Reichel, Joanne Robert, Raphaël Staeubli, Tim Stettler, Alice Sorg, Alexandros Trivizas

assistants / Petra Jossen, Vinh Linh