Rachel Whiteread, House 1993

©Rachel Whiteread, House, 1993

A house is the simple topic of this studio. a matter of simple complexity

starting from ways of living and a framed reference, defining a fragment; then investigate the reference, through drawing; finally arriving at a house.

learning about a house is learning about architecture.



Starting from two given references : one showing an action, one showing an architectural element.

Thinking differently about how we live, imagining and reintepreting; how does this affect the fragment; on construction; material; detail; aspects that all define not only by a quality of space but now also by its meaning.

Making of a personal fragment; is about interpretation of what is living; what is or could be building in a very precise and personal approach of the student. It is about finding the personal approach in the making, deeply rooted in the use of the space and the action taking place there.