Student Projects


The projects listed in this section are still available! Students interested in working for a project, please get in touch either with the main contact listed here, or with the person(s) mentioned in the project’s description.
The types of the projects are: Master/Semester/Either (i.e. either Master or semester project).

# Date Type Project name Responsible Report
1 17/05/2024 E Copyright Protection for Generative Models Zhuan Shi  
2 24/10/2023 E Incentive Mechanism in Multi-modal Federated Learning Zhuan Shi  
3 29/10/2022 E Commonsense Causal Reasoning in Natural Language Processing Shaobo Cui  
4 08/07/2022 E Building Dynamic Knowledge Graph from Procedural Text Shaobo Cui  
5 02/05/2022 S Continual learning with complex adaptive networks Zeki Doruk Erden  
6 12/02/2024 M Conversational recommendation with natural language Boi Faltings  
# Date Type Project name Responsible Report


These projects are currently underway and are therefore no longer available.


Here you can find former student projects and (for some of them) links to their reports.

#DateTypeProject nameResponsibleReport
108/11/2021EAI-Driven Prices in MarketsPanayiotis Danassis
201/09/2021ERobust Rationalization of Ratings from ReviewsDiego Antognini
302/11/2020ELearning to Learn: Meta Reinforcement Learning in Fast and Slow TimescalesZeki Doruk Erden
402/11/2020EHierarchical Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement LearningZeki Doruk Erden
520/07/2020MUnsupervised Abstractive Opinion Summarization with BERTDiego Antognini
608/06/2020SNovel Approaches For Tuning Models’ Hyper ParametersDiego Antognini
725/02/2020SFairness in Machine LearningNaman Goel
829/10/2019EMeeting SchedulingPanayiotis Danassis
928/10/2019SContinual Learning for Session-based RecommendationFei Mi
1022/10/2019SAnalyzing Hotel ReviewsDiego Antognini
1122/10/2019SGenerating Hotel Multi-Review SummarizationsDiego Antognini
1230/03/2019SSpring/Summer Project : Eliciting Personal (Fitness) Data from CrowdNaman Goel
1305/02/2019SShiftable Load Scheduling in Micro-GridsPanayiotis Danassis
1401/02/2019SSolving the Tragedy of the Commons Using Multi-Agent Reinforcement LearningPanayiotis Danassis
1510/01/2019SDéploiement d\\\’une maquette pédagogique, sur la base de mini-projets, pour l\\\’apprentissage de la programmation orientée objet en JavaJamila Sam
1630/11/2018MVideo Games Aspects Mining & RecommendationDiego Antognini
1707/11/2018MExploiting Transfer Learning to predict the economic potential of companiesMartin Rajman
1807/11/2018SAutomatically building a hierarchical taxonomy of tagsMartin Rajman
1926/09/2018SNovel Method to Encode Sentences for Downstream TasksDiego Antognini
2024/08/2018SSummarizing Game ReviewsDiego Antognini
2113/07/2018SCausal Inference in Observational DataIgor Kulev
2207/06/2018SAnalyzing Game ReviewsDiego Antognini
2329/05/2018EPoincaré Embeddings for Document SummarisationAleksei Triastcyn
2407/04/2018SImplementing a Reputation Token in Blockchain (Ethereum)Naman Goel
2523/01/2018SIARPA Challenge : Information Aggregation Competition by US Intelligence AgencyNaman Goel
2630/11/2017SInvestigate Opinionated Review Document EmbeddingsDiego Antognini
2729/11/2017SSimulating a Sports GameIgor Kulev
2824/11/2017STackling Discrimination in the Sharing EconomyNaman Goel
2924/11/2017SParsing Citations in Scientific PapersJean-Cédric Chappelier
3024/11/2017SSegmentation of Proper Names in Scientific PapersJean-Cédric Chappelier
3120/11/2017SA Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning Approach to the Multi-Predator Pursuit DomainPanayiotis Danassis
3220/07/2017SDialog-based Example Critiquing SystemFei Mi
3313/06/2017SCollaborative Bandits for News RecommendationPanayiotis Danassis
3413/06/2017SDeep Learning for News RecommendationAleksei Triastcyn
3512/06/2017SAdaptive RoutingPanayiotis Danassis
3612/06/2017SLearning Deep Representations of Time SeriesIgor Kulev
3709/06/2017SDéploiement d\’un outil de correction automatique pour les travaux pratiques de programmationJamila Sam
3806/06/2017EPersonalized Neural Conversation ModelFei Mi
3902/06/2017SMachine Learning for Quality Aware Task Assignment in CrowdsourcingNaman Goel
4015/05/2017SNovel Approach For Tuning Models’ Hyper ParametersDiego Antognini
4115/05/2017STopic Modeling & Sentiment AnalysisDiego Antognini
4215/05/2017SNovel Machine Learning Methods For Sentiment AnalysisDiego Antognini
4304/05/2017EAmélioration et extension des outils de correction automatiques pour les MOOCsJamila Sam
4429/12/2016EKnowledge Distillation for Deep Neural NetworksAleksei Triastcyn
4522/12/2016MGenerative Adversarial Networks (GANs) for Dialog Response GenerationFei Mi
4617/11/2016EApplying Memory Networks to Question-Answering (QA)Fei Mi
4711/11/2016EData Summarisation for Imbalanced DatasetsAleksei Triastcyn
4811/11/2016ECrowdsourcing Incentives with Submodular Reward FunctionsAleksei Triastcyn
4911/11/2016SRational, not Unfair : Incentives for Fair Machine LearningNaman Goel
5011/11/2016SLarge Scale Recommender Systems (Collaborative filtering, k nearest neighbors)Naman Goel
5109/11/2016SAd-hoc teamwork in the pursuit domainPanayiotis Danassis
5203/10/2016SBuilding a multiagent competitive gaming platformIgor Kulev
5303/10/2016SPredict seizures in EEG recordingsIgor Kulev
5403/10/2016SModeling dynamic temporal behavior using Recurrent Neural NetworksIgor Kulev
5511/12/2015SMechanism Design for Monitoring Crop DiseasesGoran Radanovic
5611/12/2015SEmoMap: Emotion Sensing of the EPFL campusGoran Radanovic
5711/12/2015ESemi-Supervised Text Classification with Word RepresentationsClaudiu Musat
5814/11/2015EEvaluation Metrics Trade-off for Recommendation SystemsAleksei Triastcyn
5908/01/2015SBuilding Teams: A Co-operative Game Theory Approach and Scalable SolutionSujit Gujar
6022/12/2014SDo I hear 100?: Bidding Platform for Semester ProjectsGoran Radanovic
6118/12/2014ERecommender System Platform for the Montreux JazzFlorent Garcin
6212/12/2014SPay What you want and Share profit!!!Sujit Gujar
6312/12/2014EBetter Patrolling strategies to detect fare invasionSujit Gujar
6402/12/2014SPredicting the Success of Altruistic RequestsGoran Radanovic
6501/12/2014SDon’t sell cheap! Buyer behaviour predictionFlorent Garcin
6614/07/2014SDynamic matching in crowdsourcing platformSujit Gujarpdf
6720/05/2014ESwissnoise: Aggregating Opinions to Predict the FutureFlorent Garcin
6816/05/2014ENo news, bad news! A personalized News Recommender SystemFlorent Garcin
6916/05/2014ESay what? learning to recognize speechFlorent Garcin
7016/05/2014EIt’s all Greek to me! learning to translate languages.Florent Garcin
7102/05/2014SSecuring AuctionsSujit Gujar
7205/12/2013EExtract opinions to predict the future!Florent Garcin
7326/11/2013EIt’s all Greek to me! learning to translate languagesFlorent Garcin
7426/11/2013ESay what? learning to recognize speechFlorent Garcin
7515/11/2013SBootstrapping Recommender Systems with the CrowdsourcingGoran Radanovic
7615/11/2013SEvaluating Incentives in Crowdsourcing using GamesGoran Radanovic
7711/06/2013EWhere’s the Fun in Games?Claudiu Musat
7829/05/2013SHierarchical Topic Models for NeuroscienceJean-Cédric Chappelier
7929/05/2013SExtraction of Protein Concentration from Scientific LiteratureJean-Cédric Chappelier
8016/05/2013ENo news, bad news! A personalized News Recommender SystemFlorent Garcin
8116/05/2013SCollaborative BattleshipFlorent Garcin
8212/04/2013EThe Balanced News RecommenderClaudiu Musat
8316/11/2012SContent Extraction from PDF Scientific ArticlesJean-Cédric Chappelier
8416/11/2012SGUI for Biomedical Relationships Extraction from LiteratureJean-Cédric Chappelier
8508/11/2012SSwissnoise: a stock market for predictionFlorent Garcin
8630/04/2012EPay It Forward – a Dynamic Question Oriented Recommender SystemClaudiu Musat
8704/04/2012SInteraction with virtual elements in a reality augmented environmentJamila Sam
8806/03/2012MIntelligent Modelling and Visualization of Air-Quality in LausanneJason Jingshi Lipdf
8906/03/2012EModel class priors in reinforcement learningChristos Dimitrakakis
9021/02/2012STrading agent for Advertisement Auctions (Winnie Tse)Ludek Cigler
9108/01/2012STrading agent for Advertisement Auctions (Jonas Vautherin)Ludek Ciglerpdf
9206/01/2011STrading agent for Advertisement Auctions (Kirill Petropavlov)Ludek Ciglerpdf
9316/12/2010SGoing Once… Going Twice… Sold! – Distributed Payments Determination in Combinatorial AuctionsThomas Léauté
9416/11/2010MNatural Language Processing Tools for Biological Scientific PapersJean-Cédric Chappelier
9515/11/2010EReasoning under UncertaintyThomas Léauté
9615/11/2010EComparing Topic Models and Concept Networks for measuring text similarityJean-Cédric Chappelier
9709/11/2010SI like that song! – KDDCup on music recommendationsFlorent Garcin
9823/10/2010SA Small Step for FRODO, a Giant Leap for Multi-agent OptimizationThomas Léauté
9922/10/2010SMaking Everybody Happy in Best-First Order – Best-First Iteration in Distributed Optimization ProblemsThomas Léauté
10029/06/2010STrading agent for Advertisement Auctions (Elias Mirza)Ludek Ciglerpdf
10113/06/2010STeach me! Mapping students to problemsFlorent Garcin
10211/06/2010SLie to me – a user experiment on strategyproof mechanism designFlorent Garcin
10304/05/2010SFollow the White Rabbit – Identifying User SessionsFlorent Garcin
10411/04/2010SWho is who – Contextual User Identity IdentificationPu Li
10508/04/2010ESAT solver inside CP solverRadoslaw Szymanek
10606/04/2010SGoing Once… Going Twice… Sold! – Distributed Winner Determination in Combinatorial AuctionsThomas Léauté
10701/04/2010SSaving Lives: the Distributed Kidney Exchange ProblemThomas Léauté
10808/01/2010SMulti-agent Meeting Scheduling with Privacy GuarantiesThomas Léauté
10916/11/2009MMarket based mechanisms for optimizationBrammert Ottens
11009/11/2009SProtecting Privacy in Multi-agent Satisfaction ProblemsThomas Léauté
11101/05/2009SAnalysis of Malicious Behaviors in Information SystemPu Li
11229/04/2009SRobustness in Multi-agent Optimization under UncertaintyThomas Léauté
11328/04/2009SProtecting Privacy in Multi-agent OptimizationThomas Léauté
11427/04/2009SHeuristics for Distributed Pseudo-tree RegenerationThomas Léauté
11514/04/2009ENetwork Flow ConstraintRadoslaw Szymanek
11624/11/2008SEfficient Data Structures for Decision DiagramsThomas Léauté
11724/11/2008MIntrusion Detection SystemMichael Schumacher
11810/11/2008MGeometric ConstraintRadoslaw Szymanek
11923/05/2008SInformation Extraction out of Job ProposalsJean-Cédric Chappelier
12028/04/2008SEfficient Representation of Lexica (“Dictionnaries”)Jean-Cédric Chappelier
12124/04/2008EEfficient Data Structures for Decision DiagramsThomas Léauté
12223/04/2008SConstraints promoted to First-Class statusRadoslaw Szymanek
12316/04/2008SExtensional ConstraintRadoslaw Szymanek
12415/04/2008EImplied ConstraintsRadoslaw Szymanek
12515/04/2008EDecomposition of constraintsRadoslaw Szymanek
12615/04/2008SKnapsack constraintRadoslaw Szymanek
12730/11/2007MRanking Scientific Publications using the Citation GraphMartin Vesely
12823/11/2007STruck-Task scheduling using DPOPBrammert Ottens
12922/11/2007EEfficient Data Structures for Decision DiagramsThomas Léauté
13020/11/2007MMeta Graph-Based Global ConstraintRadoslaw Szymanek
13116/11/2007EGlobal Cardinality ConstraintRadoslaw Szymanek
13216/11/2007SRegular Language Membership ConstraintRadoslaw Szymanek
13316/11/2007SExploration of different domain representationRadoslaw Szymanek
13415/11/2007SAmong ConstraintRadoslaw Szymanek
13522/10/2007EDistributed Robotic Odor Source LocalizationThomas Léauté
13606/06/2007EInformation Extraction with Markov LogicMarita Ailomaa
13719/12/2006ESelf-debugging in Complex Software SystemsThomas Léauté
13814/12/2006MMonitoring Quality of Service using Reputation MechanismsMarie Decreuzat
13914/12/2006MMonitoring Quality of Service using Reputation MechanismsMarie Decreuzat
14014/12/2006EExtract Information from Online ReviewsMarie Decreuzat
14114/12/2006MFormal Verification Methods applied to Air Traffic ControlMichael Schumacher
14212/12/2006MVerifying Workflow Properties in OpenWFEMichael Schumacher
14311/12/2006MExtending peer-to-peer networks for approximate searchMichael Schumacher
14405/12/2006SPlug-in systems in JavaMiroslav Melichar
14520/09/2006SDistributing the Agent-based Simulation of the Traffic in SwitzerlandMichael Schumacher
14611/08/2006EStore the Minimal Conflicting Sets in a Finite State MachineDavid Portabella
14711/08/2006EWeb Interface 2. AJAX + DHTMLDavid Portabella
14816/06/2006SWeb Account ManagerDavid Portabella
14916/06/2006SLearning to create Installers (Big plus when searching for a job)David Portabella
15010/03/2006EAn interface for Infoscience, Nebis and Open ArchiveDavid Portabella
15107/03/2006ECreating a User Interface with GTK+ or Ms Visual StudioDavid Portabella
15207/03/2006EExtending BitTorrentDavid Portabella
15307/02/2006SUsing Virtual Categories for browsing Content DirectoriesPaolo Viappiani
15407/02/2006EEvaluation of Preference QueriesPaolo Viappiani
15507/02/2006SA Web Interface for Apartment searchPaolo Viappiani
15630/01/2006EPDA Web InterfaceDavid Portabella
15730/01/2006EWeb Browser Control, Java Native InterfaceDavid Portabella
15826/01/2006ETimetable creator of the I&C faculty courses – using contraint satifaction programmingMichael Schumacher
15926/01/2006ESmart Mobile Timetable Application for the “Transports Publics de Lausanne”Michael Schumacher
16026/01/2006MAgent-based Simulation of the whole Swiss Railway NetworkMichael Schumacher
16126/01/2006EAgent-based Simulation of the Traffic in SwitzerlandMichael Schumacher
16226/01/2006SDistributed Web Service Directories – extending WSDirMichael Schumacher
16325/01/2006SSimulation of the Loetschberg TunnelMichael Schumacher
16425/01/2006MIDE for Web Service Composition with OpenWFE (as an Eclipse Plugin)Michael Schumacher
16503/01/2006MDevelopment of distributed distributional semantics technique on P2P systemsVinn-Toan LUU
16619/12/2005EReputation-based Quality of Service Monitoring for Service Oriented EnvironmentsMarie Decreuzat
16701/12/2005EWeb InterfaceDavid Portabella
16818/05/2005SConstraints Programming with Functors and GenericsPaolo Viappiani
16918/05/2005EJackrabbit for OpenWFEMichael Schumacher
17018/05/2005EBusiness Rules for Web ServicesMichael Schumacher
17118/05/2005EWeb Service Composition with OpenWFEMichael Schumacher
17217/05/2005EMulti-user Preference DiscoveryPaolo Viappiani
17304/05/2005EAgent-based Simulation of Intelligent Highways.Marie Decreuzat
17410/03/2005EApplying the Semantic Web to Dialogue SystemsDavid Portabella
17511/02/2005EA Multiagent Meeting Scheduling TestbedAdrian Petcu
17604/02/2005ERun-time transformation of java bytecode for Web Service invocationDavid Portabella
17702/02/2005MA Dynamic Scheduling TestbedAdrian Petcu
17807/12/2004EGraphical Process Editor for OpenWFE (as an Eclipse plugin)Michael Schumacher
17907/12/2004EXPDL to OpenWFE: A Translator for Business Processes DefinitionsMichael Schumacher
18003/12/2004MContribution to Wizard-of-Oz experimentsMiroslav Melichar
18103/12/2004EExtending RDP for Handling Related Questions and Question Relevance ScoresDavid Portabella
18203/12/2004EJCL: Editor and Scripting engine for Constraint-based Optimization ProblemsPaolo Viappiani
18303/12/2004EAlgorithms for Efficient Pareto AnalysisPaolo Viappiani
18403/12/2004MRapid Prototyping of Decision-support ApplicationsPaolo Viappiani
18503/12/2004MPerformance Improvement of Distributed Information Retrieval SystemVinn-Toan LUU
18603/12/2004MOpen Constraint Optimization for Virtual EnterprisesAdrian Petcu
18701/12/2004SImplementation of k-best solutions in SCFG parsingJean-Cédric Chappelier
18801/12/2004MReforging of Natural Language Processing ToolkitJean-Cédric Chappelier
18918/05/2004EWorldwide Competitive Electronic Business AgentsIon Constantinescu
19018/05/2004EReputation Aware Intelligent Web ServicesIon Constantinescu
19118/05/2004MSemantic Web scenariosDavid Portabella
19213/05/2004MAgent-oriented Framework for Decentralized E-Commerce using Reputation MechanismsMarie Decreuzat
19312/05/2004MNew metrics for Information Retrieval SystemsJean-Cédric Chappelier
19414/04/2004SWeb security information wrappingPedro Bados
19503/04/2004S3D visualization methods for network security eventsPedro Bados
19601/04/2004SA Java Library for Natural Language ProcessingJean-Cédric Chappelier
19701/04/2004MDistributed Computing Toolkit for Pervasive Computing Applications.Vicent Schickel-Zuber
19801/01/2004MIntelligent Identification and Assessment of Web Services’ Vulnerabilities: A Positive Security Model
19901/01/2004MCooperative Network Security Prevention
20001/01/2004EProactive Risk Assessment for Network Security Prevention
20101/01/2004MClassification et catégorisation hiérarchique de documents
20201/01/2004MA real statistical TCP model to understand your network layer
20301/01/2004SConcept formation for network users
20401/01/2004STowards an intelligent SPAM expert terminator
20506/04/2003SAide à l’enseignement: un système d’information multi-instanciableFlorian Seydoux
20611/07/2002MForecasting Foreign Exchange Rates with Neural NetworksMarius Calin Silaghipdf
20730/11/2001MImplementing language processing techniques for retrieving information from real flight database
20830/11/2001MAgent Cities: Agent Based Information Services for Mobile Users
20930/11/2001MAgent Cities: Deploying Agent Technology for Next Generation Internet Services
21030/11/2001MVers un ordinateur champion du monde de Go ? (2)
21130/11/2001MApprentissage non supervisé pour étiqueteur automatique de phrases
21230/11/2001MRegular Expressions for Natural Language Processing
21330/11/2001MVirtual web pages based on physical simulation
21430/11/2001MFinite State Transducers Library
21530/11/2001MRailway schedule agent
21630/11/2001MA Statistical Part-of-Speech Tagger for Natural Language Processing
21730/11/2001MNavigation dans un dictionnaire électronique
21830/11/2001MAffine Arithmetic Library
21930/11/2001MIntegrating Speech in Web browsers
22030/11/2001MFlight Data Statistics Generation
22130/11/2001MA Simple CSP Solver for Continuous Constraints
22230/11/2001MAn Efficient Representation of Data-Oriented Parsing Tree Grammars
22330/11/2001MA Powerfull Spelling Error Corrector and Natural Language Tokeniser
22430/11/2001MA Description Logic reasoner based on CHRIon Constantinescu
22530/11/2001MAdaptation methods in case based reasoning
22630/11/2001MMediators for Information Agents
22730/11/2001MInterchangeability algorithms for Soft CSP
22830/11/2001MSearch algorithms in a Distributed CSP
#DateTypeProject nameResponsibleReport