Former PhD students

List of persons who wrote their doctoral thesis at EPFL under the supervision or co-supervision of Prof. Philippe Thalmann

  Name Title and EPFL doctoral thesis number Year compl.
1 Wasserfallen, Antoine Du savetier au financier: la famille Borel, de Neuchâtel à San Francisco: le cable car… propriété de banquiers suisses cosmopolites? Pistes pour le financement privé d’infrastructures urbaines publiques (n°2085, 1999
2 Bornstein, Nicholas Three essays on the acceptability of environmental policy in Switzerland (n°3916, 2007
3 Gonseth, Camille Adapting ski area operations to a warmer climate in the Swiss Alps through snowmaking investments and efficiency improvements (n°4139, 2008
4 Schaerer, Caroline Assessing environmental amenities and testing for discrimination in housing markets using hedonic price models (n°4186, 2008
5 Salvi, Marco Assessing airport noise, demand for quietness and land-structure substitution (n°4236, 2008
6 Dulguerov, Matthieu Real estate issues: portfolio diversification, pricing and time-on-market (n°4438, 2009
7 Sceia, André Three steps toward modeling Swiss post-2012 climate policies (n°4626, 2010
8 Gainza Carmenates, Ronal Three economic perspectives on post-2012 global climate policy (n°4932, 2011
9 Maire, Pierrick Étude multidisciplinaire d’un développement durable du sous-sol urbain: aspects socio-économiques, juridiques et de politique urbaine (n°4987, 2011
10 Quandt, Alexandra The political economy of climate policy: Business interest and influence on the Swiss CO2 law (n°5106, 2012
11 Matasci, Cecilia Swiss tourism in the age of climate change — vulnerability, adaptive capacity, and barriers to adaptation (n°5506, 2012
12 Menghini, Gianluca Transferable development rights (TDR) in Switzerland: Simulating a TDR market with agent-based modeling (n°5707, 2013
13 Faust, Anne-Kathrin The economics of water distribution in Switzerland: cost, efficiency and climate change (n°5708, 2013
14 Li, Huan-Qing An integrated strategy for sustainable underground urbanization (n°5869, 2013
15 Silberstein, Virginie Choix d’un label énergétique par les promoteurs immobiliers en France et en Suisse (n°6103, 2014
16 Kounina, Anna Water use and quality in Life Cycle Assessment: identifying good practices and developing operational spatial approaches (n°6402, 2014
17 Bélanger, Philippe Energy efficiency valuation and mortgage’s implied insurance (n°6325, 2015
18 Maire, Sophie Coupled energy economic model framework for analyzing Swiss electricity markets in changing policy environments (n°7153, 2016
19 Doyle, Michael Robert Potentialities of the Urban Volume: Mapping underground resource potential and deciphering spatial economies and configurations of multi-level urban spaces (n°7328,
One of the two winners of the best thesis award 2017 of the EDAR doctoral program
20 Weilenmann, Barbara Socio-economic determinants of sprawl: causes and consequences of urban growth in Swiss municipalities (n° 9302, 2019
21 Usui, Takafumi Essays on adaptation to rare disasters (n° 9308, 2019
22 Thurm, Boris The diversity of moral preferences: Evolutionary foundations and some implications in environmental economics (n° 9478, 2019