Efficiency potentials in the construction sector (Federal Effi-Bât Programme)

Identification of cost reduction potentials and construction lead times by analysing project progress and coordination between participants. The research team included managers, economists and architects. This allowed the design and implementation process to be examined in terms of planning, organization, communication, funding, risk sharing and accountability. At the end of the analysis, we developed in-depth research projects for a second phase. (1995-1996)

Virtual construction companies

Development and promotion of the solution of virtual construction companies within the framework of the research programme “Analysis of the efficiency potential of the Swiss construction industry” of the Technology and Innovation Commission (CTI). The virtual enterprise is a form of organization of the participants in the construction project by which small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) offer the construction client the advantages of integrated organization without having to give up their autonomy. This form of organisation must therefore enable SMEs to survive in an increasingly competitive environment. (1997-1999)

Construction price index

Development of the basis for a construction price index that can be calculated at low cost and quickly on the basis of a large number of actual constructions. The approach is based on the hedonic method, as it involves reducing the diversity of projects to a small number of indicators by econometric treatment. Feasibility is demonstrated with a sample of constructions. (1997-1998)