Optimal use of underground resources (Deep City)

Underground resources and sustainable development in urban areas

This project, led by Professor Aurelius Parriaux and realized by a multidisciplinary team, was part of the National Research Programme 54 (Sustainable development of the built environment). It focused on the integration of groundwater and other underground resources in urban planning for sustainability with a case study of Geneva. (2005-2009)

Underground resources management for urban sustainable development: Comparison between Swiss and Chinese contexts

This project, funded by Sino Swiss Science and Technology Cooperation (SSSTC), was an extension of the Deep City methodology to a Chinese city. Local partner: Nanjing Universty. (2009-2013)

Extension of the Deep City methodology to other world cities

In this self-funded extension of the previous research, we are extending the Deep City methodology and the lessons learned from Switzerland and China to a selection of cities worldwide, which are interesting for their underground resources. (2012-2015)