Spatial dependence of body mass index and exposure to night-time noise in the Geneva urban area

A. Salmi; J. Chenal; I. Guessous; S. Joost 

X international, interdisciplinary conference on spatial statistics, geographical epidemiology and geographical aspects of public health, Porto, Portugal, September 7-9.

Integration of the role of climate in the spatial modeling of waterborne hepatitis E virus

A. Carratala Ripolles; S. Joost 

Impact of Environmental Changes on Infectious Diseases, International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy, May 17-19.



Spatial Areas of Genotype Probability of Cattle Genomic Variants Involved in the Resistance to East Coast Fever: A Tool to Predict Future Disease-Vulnerable Geographical Regions

E. Vajana; E. Rochat; L. Colli; R. Negrini; C. Masembe et al. 

Plant & Animal Genome Conference XXIV, San Diego, California, USA, January 9-13, 2016.



Genomic diversity and Population Structure of Ugandan Taurine and Zebuine Cattle Breeds

L. Colli; m. Milanesi; L. Bomba; E. Vajana; R. Negrini et al. 

XXI ASPA Congress, Milan, June, 9-12, 2015.

Modeling the spatial distribution of Theileria parva (Theiler 1904), causative agent of East Coast Fever disease in cattle

E. Vajana; L. Colli; M. Milanesi; L. Bomba; R. Negrini et al. 

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Genomic diversity and disease prevalence in Ugandan cattle

L. Colli; L. Bomba; M. MIlanesi; E. Vajana; R. Negrini et al. 

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Biodiversity dynamics and the effect of urban environment on the distribution of genetic variation in the Geneva cross-border area

I. Widmer; E. Rochat; K. Leempoel; A. Clémence; O. Ertz et al. 

First Annual Meeting in Conservation Genetics – Science and Practice, Birmensdorf, Switzerland, January 28-30, 2015.



Evaluation des processus géomorphologiques en région montagneuse: utilisation des ondelettes pour la modélisation du terrain à de multiples échelles

M. Naparus; F. Golay; I. Patru-Stupariu 

LSSR 2013 “Les laboratoires SIG de Suisse romande”, LASIG, EPFL, Lausanne (Switzerland), 25 June 2013.

Multi-resolution analysis as a tool for integrating wind and vegetation modeling over complex terrains

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16th AGILE Conference on Geographic Information Science, Leuven (Belgium), May 14-17, 2013.

Detection of floods in SAR images with non-linear kernel clustering and topographic prior

F. de Morsier; M. Rasamimalala; D. Tuia; M. Borgeaud; S. Rakotoniaina 

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Modelling coastal atmospheric temperature in Greenland with support vector regression

M. J. Parkan; D. Tuia 

Swiss Geoscience Meeting, Lausanne (Switzerland), 2013.

Interactive multisensor change detection in remote sensing images via kernel canonical correlation

M. Volpi; G. Matasci; M. Kanevski; D. Tuia 

Swiss Geoscience Meeting, Lausanne (Switzerland), 2013.

Analysis of B. taurus and B. indicus admixture in Uganda as revealed by the Illumina BovineSNP50 Genotyping BeadChip

L. Bomba; L. Colli; M. Milanesi; F. Kabi; V. Muwanika et al. 

Plant and Animal Genome (PAG) XXI, San Diego, January 12-16, 2013.



Spatial Dependence of Body Mass Index: Geneva, Switzerland

I. Guessous; J-M. Theler; J-M. Gaspoz; N. Cantoreggi; J. Chételat et al. 

Geneva Health Forum, Geneva, April 18-20, 2012.



Modélisation de l’accessibilité aux services urbains dans la région métropolitaine de Québec (RMQ)

M. Voisin; N. Lachance-Bernard; M. Thériault 

10ème Conférence scientifique annuelle GEOIDE, Niagara Falls, 29 mai 2008.



How does the landscape affect patch occupancy in metapopulation models? Comparing Euclidean vs landscape-based inter-patch distance

F. Zanini; J. Jaquiéry; R. Schlaepfer; P. Marchesi; A. Hirzel 

Biodiversity Conservation – From Genes to Habitats, Davos, 23/24 November, 2006.



Autopolyploidy and post-glacial recolonization of Biscutella laevigata (Brassicaceae): molecular analysis and spatial modeling of gene dispersal in the western Alps

C. Parisod; S. Joost; N. Galland; R. Caloz 

The evolutionary legacy of the Ice Ages, Discussion meeting of the Royal Society, London, United Kingdom, February 29, 2004.

Genetic diversity of european goats as measured by AFLP markers

R. Negrini; S. Joost; E. Milanesi; J. Bernardi; M. Pellecchia et al. 

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Relationships between ecological distance and gentic distance among goat breeds of Italy and Switzerland

S. Joost; R. Negrini; E. Milanesi; R. Caloz; P. Ajmone-Marsan 

55th EAAP Annual Meeting, Bled, Slovenia, September 5-9, 2004.

Spatial simulation of the evolution of an intensively cultivated and densely inhabited landscape, integrating cellular automata, Markov chain and multicriterion methods: a case study in a Swiss context

C. Dischinger; F. Zanini; R. Schlaepfer 

18th SCB Annual Meeting, “Conservation in an urbanizing world”, New York, USA, 30 July – 2 August.



Spatial modelling of plant’s gene dispersal and western Alps postglacial recolonization

S. Joost; C. Parisod 

11th New Phytologist Symposium & Plant Canada, Antigonish, Canada, June 26-28, 2003.