Université de Lausanne, 1er mai 2009

Programme 2009



Presentations. Part 1

Prof. F. Golay: “Geomatics at LASIG, EPFL: research, projects and teaching” (EPFL)

Prof. M. Kanevski “Geomatics at IGAR, Uni Lausanne: research, projects and teaching” (UNIL)

Dr. H. Dao: “La géomatique à l’Université de Genève” (UNIGE)


Presentations. Part 2

  • M. Kalbermatten: “Analyzing landslide features through scale using the wavelet transform: Theory and application to the earth flow type landslide of Travers (Switzerland)” (EPFL)
  • D. Tuia: “Advanced methods for remote sensing image processing”(UNIL)
  • Dr. H. Dao & doctorants UniGE : “Thèses conduites aux labos INFOGEO et enviroSPACE” (UNIGE)
  • J. Ingensand: “Detection and analysis of user interactions with web-GIS” (EPFL)




Presentations. Part 3

  • L. Foresti: “Geokernels: kernel based models for geo- and environmental sciences” (UNIL)
  • C. Carneiro: “Urban georeferenced data and image processing techniques for environmental analysis: solar radiation on buildings at neighborhood and district city levels” (EPFL)
  • G. Giuliani (doctorant, dir : Dr A. Lehmann/Prof. M. Beniston) : “enviroSDI, a gridded Spatial Data Infrastructure: research and projects” (UNIGE)
  • N. Lachance-Bernard: “New generation of planning support systems : Continuous urban land supply and capacity monitoring (LSCM) based on amenities and infrastructure prediction models” (EPFL)




Presentations. Part 4

  • V. Timonin: “Automatic cartography: algorithms and software tools” (UNIL)
  • V. Silva: “3D LIDAR Data Application for Urban Morphogenesis Multi-agent Vector Based Geosimulation” (EPFL)
  • Ch. Kaiser: “ClusterVille: Analysis and Modeling of Urban Patterns” (UNIL)
  • Prof. M. Jaboyedoff “Natural hazards assessments: application of geomatics at IGAR” (UNIL)

Free discussion