Denis Gillet, Christophe Salzmann, Yassin Rekik, Anh Vu Nguyen Ngoc, Karim Zeramdini, Frederic Geoffroy, Gamaliel Amaudruz, Jacques-Albert De Blasio


eMersion is a multidisciplinary initiative to deploy innovative pedagogical scenarios and flexible learning resources for supporting Web-based experimentation in engineering education.

The eMersion project has been funded by the Board of the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology between 2000 and 2004 in the framework of its New Learning Technology program. Currently, the eMersion environment is refined and spread in the framework of the ProLEARN European network of excellence.

The services integrated within the eMersion environment include a remote experimentation console, a shared laboratory journal (eJournal), a contextual protocol, an analysis toolkit (SysQuake Remote), and awareness support.

Keywords : e-learning; flexible learning; CSCW;


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