Sandy El Helou, Christophe Salzmann, Chiu Man Yu, Amagoia Madina Berastegi and Denis Gillet


eLogbook is a Web 2.0 application developed at EPFL in the framework of the Palette European Project. It aims at sustaining collaboration and cooperation for online communities and can simultaneously serve as activity management, social networking and resources sharing system.   Providing awareness is essential for motivating contribution and sustaining collaboration. Nevertheless, excessive notifications might lead to adverse effects such as decrease of interest, contribution and productivity. For that, we are currently working on a personalized awareness model which filters and ranks events notifications based on each user’s  interest. The system evaluates the interest of the user in an event by relying on a combination of  some explicit (personal notification preferences) and implicit factors ( i.e. actions previously done by the user in the workspace).

Please visite http://elogbook.epfl.ch for a live demo.
Keywords : collaboration; eLogbook; cooperation; online communities;

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Book Chapters


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