Info ISA project on WP

This is an un-official page maintained by Christophe Salzmann. This project is possible with the help of many.

Latest update 14.12.2020

Since summer 2020, there is a WordPress module that display nicely student projects defined in ISA. It is only for official student projects (BA, MS, PdM) not for general purpose projects.


WordPress view

ISA View 

ISA is able to manage many aspects a student project: creation, validation, publications, etc. Some actions can be delegated and validated by the teacher or the administrative delegate.

Below the current (Summer 2020) and envisioned project life cycle (2021). The projet creation is done in ISA, takes ~5 min per projects. Once configured (1 min.), the “EPFL student project” WP module automatically ask ISA about the related projects and display them in a toggle list view. In WP you can sort project by ID, Teacher and project type. You can also look for a given text within projects.

Project Life Cycle

The envisioned next step is project archival. Currently ISA is able to store the project report, presentation and document archive. The complete project life cycle is still being investigated. Stay tuned for updates.

To be able to create/edit/remote/update/etc projects on ISA you need to have the “PROJETS_PROPOSITION ” right. You have it if you see the “Portail des projets” box in ISA (

Ask “[email protected]” to get this right.

“User manual”

A video showing how to create a project in ISA

A video showing how to display projects in WP