Databases and resources

Centriole screen resource

We performed a genome wide siRNA screen to identify genes required for proper centriole number in human cells. This web interface is a resource that allows users to have full access to the data from the screen.

Proteome of basal body database

We performed a proteomic analysis of isolated Chlamydomonas basal bodies (centrioles) to identify new candidate basal body proteins. We developed this web resource to allow full access to the mass spectrometry data set.

Live imaging spindle positioning RNAi-based screen in human cells

We developed a live imaging siRNA-based screen using stereotyped fibronectin micropatterns to uncover components modulating spindle positioning in human cells, testing 1280 genes, including all kinases and phosphatases. Cells expressing mCherry::H2B were filmed for 24 hours, and defects in spindle positioning quantified. Users can query and access the full imaging data set.


A user-friendly Fiji plugin to process images of centrioles.