Entrepreneurship and Technology Commercialization

ENTC — the Chair of Entrepreneurship and Technology Commercialization is part of the College of Management of Technology at EPFL and is directed by Prof. Dr. Marc Gruber.

ENTC is an internationally recognized center of excellence in research and teaching in Entrepreneurship and Technology Commercialization. We work in an international network of entrepreneurship institutions, and serve as a strong partner to the entrepreneurship community at EPFL and in the Lausanne region.


Students get pitch training from world-class speaker coach Dr. Penn

— Following great student responses in past sessions, Dr. Laura Penn, Founder of The Public Speaking School returned a third year to help EPFL’s Entrepreneurship students improve their new venture pitch in the run-up to one of their final course deliverables.

Marc Gruber wins Academy of Management Mentor Award

— Marc Gruber, Chair of Entrepreneurship and Technology Commercialization and Vice-President for Innovation at EPFL, has recently received the Mentor Award from the Academy of Management.

New article published by Prof. Dr. Marc Gruber

— Marc Gruber has just published an article in the Academy of Management Review. The paper entitled “Reconceptualizing necessity entrepreneurship: A contextualized framework of entrepreneurial processes under the condition of basic needs” is written jointly with John C. Dencker (Northeastern), Sophie Bacq (Northeastern), and Melvin Haas (Asyril SA).

The Market Opportunity Navigator as the 4th tool in the Lean Toolset

— Steve Blank, who holds positions at Stanford, Berkeley and Columbia and author of The Lean Startup, blogged today about the fourth indispensable tool in the Lean Toolset: ENTC's own Market Opportunity Navigator, developed by Dr. Sharon Tal and Prof. Marc Gruber based on their academic research.

Entrepreneurship students perfect their pitching with Dr. Laura Penn

— To help EPFL’s Bachelor students perfect their startup pitch in the run-up to one of their final course deliverables, lecturers Dr. Nettra Pan and Dr. Julia Binder brought in public speaking coach and specialist Dr. Laura Penn, from thepublicspeakingschool.com. 

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