ENTC is committed to providing an innovative curriculum in entrepreneurship and technology commercialization, which combines solid theoretical knowledge with practical experience.

It is widely accepted that conventional “business-as-usual” approaches to management are losing ground to smart, fast, entrepreneurial management styles. Our curriculum hence addresses students who want to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and understand the challenges of management in a comprehensive, integrative way.

Our classes…

  • integrate the various disciplines of management education (organization, finance, innovation and technology management, marketing etc.) and provide students with a comprehensive perspective on the challenges of entrepreneurial management and technology commercialization.
  • teach students how to recognize and evaluate entrepreneurial opportunities, write solid business plans, become familiar with venture capital financing, craft growth-oriented strategies and foster a climate of innovation within firms. Students will gain specific insights into the entrepreneurial process, get to know analytical concepts for managing ventures and acquire entrepreneurial experience.
  • prepare students to work as highly motivated key employees in ventures, to pursue careers as autonomous entrepreneurs, careers within corporations (intrapreneurs) and careers in the start-up community (e.g. venture capitalists).
  • include real-life venture projects and patents from all over the EPFL campus, which (1) creates value in the classroom by fostering the entrepreneurial skills and knowledge of participating students, and (2) creates value for the involved scientists, for the EPFL and for the region of Lausanne by supporting the development of new technologies and the creation of new firms.