Masters Level


4 ECTS credits  |  Fall Term


In this course students should gain a broad-based knowledge of the field of entrepreneurship.

This class is the foundation course in Entrepreneurial Management. The purpose of this course is to explore new venture creation by adopting a process perspective – from opportunity recognition to establishing a successful new firm. At the same time, the course will explore the challenges of entrepreneurship from multiple perspectives, i.e. from various functional perspectives such as finance, managerial economics and marketing, as well as from the perspective of various key constituents of new venture creation (e.g., venture capitalists). In this course, a new venture is defined as an innovative start-up firm which has a high potential for growth and value generation. The course will offer a thorough theoretical understanding of new venture creation combined with practical techniques and methods for analyzing and evaluating business opportunities, crafting growth-oriented strategies and developing creative approaches to commercialization. The class will prepare students to work as key employees in new ventures, to pursue careers as autono­mous entrepreneurs, careers as intrapreneurs and careers in the start-up community. The five main pedagogical objectives of this course are:

  • Understand the challenges of new venture creation in a comprehensive, integrative way
  • Experience the early stages of the entrepreneurial process by working on a business project proposal
  • Sharpen your ability to analyze and evaluate new venture opportunities
  • Be able to write and present a convincing business project proposal
  • Develop an “entrepreneurial mindset”


Please refer to the coursebook for course dates and times.