EESD Laboratory

The group “Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics” (EESD) investigates the seismic behaviour of reinforced concrete and unreinforced masonry buildings, focusing in particular on the response of existing structures that were not designed for seismic loads. Striving for a better understanding and improved models, we combine different research approaches such as numerical and mechanical modelling and large-scale testing.

Our current research focuses on developing:

  • Mechanical models for the force-displacement response of masonry piers and spandrels;
  • A new generation of equivalent frame models for masonry buildings that cannot only capture the in-plane but also the out-of-plane response of masonry walls;
  • Advanced nonlinear detailed micro-models of stone masonry panels in 2D and now moving towards 3D including the corresponding micro-structure generators;
  • Deriving crack widths and kinematics of masonry walls from digital image correlation measurements;
  • Mechanical and numerical models for the out-of-plane response of thin RC walls;
  • Engineering models for the response of RC core walls.

This webpage provides information on our research and teaching activities. Through this webpage, you have also access to our publications, test data, models, and codes that we share with the publications. If you have any questions or would be interested in collaborating on a particular topic, we look forward to hearing from you.

Katrin Beyer & Team

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