Start ups

Over the years, research undertaken by the DESL has reached high maturity level and attracted industrial interest. GridSteer and Zaphiro are two spin-offs that have been established to industrialize Commelec- and PMU-derived solutions respectively.

GridSteer aims to bring to the world our patented power grid control. We provide the fastest power management infrastructure available, especially conceived for inertia-less distribution power systems, on the market, achieving frequencies up to 10 times per second. This efficiently solves the problems of quality of service and power balance in the grid, even in the most adverse situations like 100% renewable production and inertia-less systems. Its main feature is to be able to abstract any kind energy resource independent of its nature, allowing it to exploit all sources of flexibility.

SynchroGuard is a new smart solution for electrical grid monitoring and automation. Zaphiro’s team has developed unique sensing devices able to take voltage and current measurements with peculiar characteristics, namely high-speed and time-synchronization. Thanks to its advanced sensing infrastructure, SynchroGuard has the outstanding feature to combine in a single solution real-time grid monitoring, optimal control of grid resources, and smart fault management. In addition, SynchroGuard is characterized by the simplest installation on the market.