Electrochemical energy storage systems and end-use of electrical power

The possibility to accurately model the power/energy flexibilities of both elechtrochemical energy storage systems and electricity demand is the core aspect to quantify their contribution to grid services.
The areas covered by the research are:
  1. Advanced modelling of electrochemical energy storage systems.
  2. Study of ageing mechanisms of electrochemical storage devices.
  3. Modelling and quantification of services provided by demand-side management.
  4. Definition of cluster of ancillary services provided by flexible energy storage systems.

Validation of an advanced control algorithms based on short-term forecasting of PV generation (RE Demo)

R. K. Gupta; M. Paolone 


Compilation of real-time control strategies for heterogeneous resources at MV and LV

A. Zecchino; R. K. Gupta; P. Grammatikos; M. Paolone 


Operation of the battery storage systems for grid control, feeder dispatching (RE Demo)

A. Zecchino; R. K. Gupta; M. Paolone 


Operation of the battery storage systems for grid control, feeder dispatching

F. Sossan; E. Namor; M. Paolone 


Sizing and siting of a utility scale distributed battery energy storage system

M. Nick; M. Paolone 


Local Effects of Grid-Forming Converters Providing Frequency Regulation to Bulk Power Grids

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Experimental facility for reduced scale model testing of hydraulic machines hybridized with a battery energy storage system

F. Gerini; E. Vagnoni; M. Seydoux; R. Cherkaoui; M. Paolone 

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Impact of battery energy storage systems on the dynamic behavior of low-inertia power grids

Y. Zuo / M. Paolone; F. Sossan (Dir.)  

Lausanne, EPFL, 2021. 

A VSC-Based BESS Model for Multi-Objective OPF Using Mixed Integer SOCP

T. Wu; Y. J. Zhang; X. Tang 

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Operational-Driven Optimal-Design of a Hyperloop System

D. Tudor; M. Paolone 

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