Forecasting of stochastic resources

Modern control techniques for power distribution systems and microgrids rely on predictive frameworks exploiting the forecast of stochastic resources at time scales ranging from several minutes to seconds. This research subject focuses on the development of machine-learning-based techniques for the ultra short term forecasting of both renewable energy resources as well as heterogeneous loads with small level of aggregation.

Experimental Validation of Model-less Robust Voltage Control using Measurement-based Estimated Voltage Sensitivity Coefficients

R. K. Gupta; M. Paolone 

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R. Gupta; F. Sossan 

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Methods for Grid-aware Operation and Planning of Active Distribution Networks

R. K. Gupta / M. Paolone; F. Sossan (Dir.)  

Lausanne, EPFL, 2023. 

Reliable Dispatch of Active Distribution Networks via a Two-layer Grid-Aware Model Predictive Control: Theory and Experimental Validation

R. K. Gupta; A. Zecchino; J. H. Yi; M. Paolone 

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Model-less robust voltage control in active distribution networks using sensitivity coefficients estimated from measurements

R. Gupta; F. Sossan; M. Paolone 

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Optimal Co-Planning of ESSs and Line Reinforcement Considering the Dispatchability of Active Distribution Networks

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Performance Comparison of Alternating Direction Optimization Methods for Linear-OPF based Real-time Predictive Control

R. Gupta; V. Sovljanski; F. Sossan; M. Paolone 

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Validation of an advanced control algorithms based on short-term forecasting of PV generation (RE Demo)

R. K. Gupta; M. Paolone 


Operation of the battery storage systems for grid control, feeder dispatching (RE Demo)

A. Zecchino; R. K. Gupta; M. Paolone