Power Transmission Systems

Power Transmission Systems
Interactions between active and controllable power distribution systems and bulk transmission networks are at the core of the re-engineering of several control functions in modern power transmission systems. This aspect specifically refers to the definition of ancillary services to be provided by distribution grids by leveraging on local flexibilities. At the same time, the evolution of these controls needs to be coupled with electricity market mechanisms that are required to evolve and adapt. All these aspects are at the core of this research topic.

An Adaptive PMU-Based Wide Area Backup Protection Scheme for Power Transmission Lines

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A. Derviskadic / M. Paolone (Dir.)  

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A. Valenciano; M. Bozorg; F. Sossan; M. Paolone 

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White paper on DC technologies for Switzerland’s electricity transmission and distribution

D. Dujic; M. Paolone; F. Rachidi-Haeri; S. Milovanovic; A. Christe et al. 


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