In accordance with its research mission, the knowledge and experience gained via CCLab’s research activities are whenever possible directly incorporated into projects, in most cases in the bridge and building domain. In collaboration with owners, structural engineers and architects, demonstration projects are realized in order to apply the new materials and technologies and evaluate their long-term performance under real loading and environmental conditions.

Bex, Switzerland, 2012

GFRP-balsa sandwich bridge deck adhesively bonded onto steel girders, replacing a one-lane concrete bridge by a new two-lane bridge without increasing total load.

Basel, Switzerland, 2006

Double-curved lightweight GFRP cell-core sandwich roof integrating static, building physics and architectural functions.

Intragna, Switzerland, 1999-2000

Strengthening of the two-span prestressed concrete box girder with four external CFRP cables.

Basel, Switzerland, 1998

Tallest multistory GFRP building in the world -15 m – with single-layer load-bearing GFRP envelope integrating structural, building physical and architectural functions.

Pontresina, Switzerland, 1997

Temporary lightweight pedestrian bridge installed in the fall and removed in the spring consisting of truss girders built up from GFRP profiles.