The mission of CCLab’s teaching activities is to provide an education of the highest quality to students of architecture and civil engineering in the fields of structural engineering and advanced composite materials. Teaching activities are cross-disciplinary between structural engineering, architecture and material science, reflecting the direct relationship between space, structure and material.

Architecture Section, Bachelor semester 3

Introduction to structural materials and structural design of beams and columns. Relationship between material properties and component dimensions and details.

Architecture Section, Bachelor semester 4

Continuation via the discussion of frame and truss structures, diaphragms and slabs. Materials considered are reinforced concrete, steel, timber, advanced composites.

Architecture and Civil Engineering Sections, Master semester 2 4

Different aspects of structural complexity (geometrical, morphological, material, transformation). Collaboration between architecture and civil engineering students.

Civil Engineering Section, Master semester 1 3

Introduction to advanced composite materials (material components, processing, properties, design) and their application in bridge and building structures.

Doctoral Program in Civil and Environmental Engineering

Focus on fatigue and fracture of advanced composite materials, structural components and adhesive joints.

PDM : Master projects

Architecture Section, Master semester 4

Participation in Master projects of the Architecture Section.

PDM : Master projects

Civil Engineering Section, Master semester 4

Project topics related to ongoing CCLab research are proposed. Students can nevertheless submit their own topic proposals.