Novartis Campus entrance building

Basel, Switzerland, 2006

  • Lightweight GFRP cell-core sandwich roof, on load-bearing glass envelope
  • Double curvature, wing form, 21.6×18.5 m, maximum thickness 62 cm
  • Function integration: static, building physics and architectural functions
  • Prefabrication of four elements and rapid installation, adhesively-bonded connections
  • Built up from 460 CNC-machined PU-foam blocks of different geometries, no molds required


Structural concept, design and experimental verification of a GFRP sandwich roof structure

T. Keller; C. Haas; T. Vallée 

Journal of Composites for Construction. 2008. num. 12/4, p. 454-468. DOI : 10.1061/(ASCE)1090-0268(2008)12:4(454).

Glass house with wing roof
Telecast Menschen-Technik-Wissenschaft, broadcast station DRS (Switzerland), October 26, 2006

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