Lausanne, January 2020. Winter School: Turbulence in fluids and PDEs.

Princeton, November 2019. In front of Fuld Hall (photo credit:  Andrea Kane / Institute for Advanced Study).

Princeton, November 2019. Prof Camillo De Lellis (IAS) and three members of the AMCV group (Maria Colombo, Luigi De Rosa and Silja Haffter) at the Institute for Advanced studies.

Lausanne, 2019. At EPFL. The members of the AMCV group

Job done!

Lyon, France, 2015. We all are Prof. Ambrosio’s students.

And with an alligator…

Austin, Texas, 2014. With Prof. Alessio Figalli and Prof. Francesco Maggi.

San Francisco, California, 2013.

Berkeley, California, 2013.

Pisa, Italy, 2007. My class at Scuola Normale Superiore.