Summer school: Deterministic and random features of fluids

Lausanne, July 3rd-7th, 2023

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Minicourses by:

Jacob Bedrossian (University of California, Los Angeles)

Thierry Gallay (Institut Fourier, Université Grenoble Alpes)


Invited speakers:

Dallas Albritton (Princeton University)

Scott Armstrong (Courant Institute)

In-Jee Jeong (Seoul National University)

Matthew Novack (Purdue University)

Sam Punshon-Smith (Tulane University)

Yao Yao (National University of Singapore)

Rongchan Zhu (Beijing Institute of Technology)

There will be 5 mini-talks by:

Theresa Lange (Bielefeld University)
Deokwoo Lim (Ulsan Na. Institute of Science and Technology)
Kyle Liss (Duke University)
Jaemin Park (University of Basel)
Martina Zizza (SISSA)


Maria Colombo (EPFL) – maria [dot] colombo [at] epfl [dot] ch

Michele Dolce (EPFL) – michele [dot] dolce [at] epfl [dot] ch

Lucio Galeati (EPFL) – lucio [dot] galeati [at] epfl [dot] ch

Massimo Sorella (EPFL) – massimo [dot] sorella [at] epfl [dot] ch

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