EDIC Patrick Denantes Memorial Prize

Norouzi Fard receiving his award at the 2018 IC Christmas Party © Viktor Kuncak

Ashkan Norouzi Fard wins 2018 Patrick Denantes Memorial Prize

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This prize was created in 2010 to honor the memory of Patrick Denantes, a doctoral student in Communication Systems at EPFL, who tragically died in a climbing accident on July 12, 2009.

The Patrick Denantes Memorial Prize is attributed once a year to the author of an outstanding doctoral thesis from the School of Computer and Communication Sciences.

The prize is awarded by a jury and presented to the laureate at the School’s end-of-year event. Financial sponsorship is provided by the Denantes family and the Nokia Research Center.

Application Procedure and Bylaws [pdf]

Past Laureates

Year Laureate Thesis Title Thesis Director
2018 Norouzi Fard, Ashkan Algorithms for Clustering Problems Theoretical Guarantees and Empirical Evaluations Svensson, Ola
2017 Mondelli, Marco From Polar to Reed-Muller Codes: Unified Scaling, Non-standard Channels, and a Proven Conjecture Urbanke, Rüdiger
2016 Kasikci, Baris Techniques for Detection, Root Cause Diagnosis, and Classification of In-Production Concurrency Bugs Candea, George
2015 Dokmanic, Ivan Listening to Distances and Hearing Shapes: Inverse Problems in Room Acoustics and Beyond Vetterli, Martin
2015 Honour. Mention Bouaziz, Sofien Realtime Face Tracking and Animation Pauly, Mark
2014 Ranieri, Juri Sensing the Real World: Inverse Problems, Sparsity and Sensor Placement Vetterli, Martin; Chebira, Amina
2013 Karbasi, Amin Graph-Based Information Processing: Scaling Laws and Applications Urbanke, Rüdiger; Vetterli, Martin
2012 Piskac, Ruzica Decision Procedures for Program Synthesis and Verification Kuncak, Victor
2011 Verma, Ajay K. Pre-Synthesis Optimization of Arithmetic Circuits Ienne, Paolo
2010 Cheraghchi, Mahdi Applications of Derandomization Theory in Coding Shokrollahi, Amin