Adding a post

Page vs post

If you do not know the difference between page and post or if you hesitate to use one or the other, please read this information.


  1. In the WordPress Toolbar, select New > Post
  2. Add a title
  3. Add content
  4. Select one or more categories
  5. [Optional] Add tags
  6. [Optional] Set the featured image
  7. Click on the Publish or the Save Draft button

In detail

Adding posts

There are several ways to create posts. You can

  • In the WordPress toolbar, select New > Post
  • Mouse over Posts button in the WordPress Main navigation menu and then click on Add new
  • Click on the Posts button in the WordPress Main navigation menu and click on the Add new button in the top left corner above the posts’ list


Categories provide a way to group certain related posts. They can also be used to indicate visitors what a post is about. Categories also allow users to find your content more easily. In some ways, categories are similar to labels but offer more options


Like categories, labels are used to group items depending on their content. However labels can not be organized hierarchically

Featured image

The featured image is dispayed in a thumbnail format beside an excerpt from a post. This image is automatically included in the Post highlight and Post teaser blocks.

  1. Click on the Set featured image link
  2. Select an image in the Media library or click on Upload Files and select an image.
  3. Then click on the Set featured image button.The image now appears in the Featured Image box


By default, all changes are published immediately.

  • Click Save Draft to continue editing your work and publish it later. Note: this option is only available for new posts (= those which have never been published, it is not available for modified posts)
  • If you want to publish a post at a later date, click the Edit button next to Publish immediately, set a date, click OK, and then click Publish.
  • Note : The Pending Review option is not available at EPFL. It concerns a user profile that is not implemented.


Posts can be added to the menu.