Offline access control

Principles of Offline Access Control

In order to be able to access EPFL buildings and rooms, access rights will be assigned to you. Some rights (for main doors, sensitive doors, etc., which are equipped with an online access system) are automatically active without your intervention. On the other side, some access rights (typically for doors to offices, technical rooms, etc., which are equipped with an offline access control system) will require that you update your card in order to be functional. These rights are physically stored on your card. If your card must be updated, you will receive an email informing you that you need to update your card.

To update your card, please approach your card from a Camipro hotspot and wait until the LED turns green. The card update may take up to 15 seconds.

A Camipro hotspot looks like the following illustration:

Below you will find maps that show where these Camipro hotspots are located.

Camipro Hotspots

CAMIPRO hotspots are located on the map below. Most CAMIPRO infoterminals (bornes) have an hotspot installed on. You can have more information on the location by clicking on the marker.

Camipro Hotspot to update the new CAMIPRO cards
Camipro Hotspot to update the old CAMIPRO cards

During the migration process, it is imperative that you keep your old and your new card with you in order to be able to access to all your rooms. OFFLINE readers do not have the capability to read the old and the new cards at the same time. Every new access right will be added to your two cards. Depending on the rooms, you will have to update the one or the other card. You will be informed as soon as your old card will not be required anymore.