Travel by public transport

EPFL encourages the use of public transport for business trips. To this end, several services and discounts are available to the EPFL community.

Discount for the student community

Academic exchanges

Students doing an exchange during their 3rd year of the Swiss European Mobility Programme are entitled to a 60% discount on the purchase of an international public transport ticket.

Academic project in an associated campus

Students (bachelor and master) involved in an academic project taking place on an EPFL campus are entitled to full reimbursement of their public transportation costs.

Study trips

The study trips (BA3) are governed by an EPFL Directive which defines the organization, running and financing of the trips.

Staff discounts

Discount on the GA pass

Each EPFL employee is entitled to a discount on the purchase of an adult or junior 1st or 2nd class General Abonnement (GA).

Free half-fare card (1/2)

Each employee hired for at least 50% and for a minimum of 12 months can demand a free half-fare pass.

Subsidies on regional travelcards

EPFL staff can request a 25% subsidy on the purchase of a Mobilis, Onde verte, Car Postal or Unireso/LemanPass.

Students testimonials

Adventure in the Nordic countries

“53 hours of train in 2 weeks is a lot, it’s true! But if we had to do it again tomorrow we would do it again without hesitation!”

Excursion in the canton of Grisons

“The comfort of the train allows us to exchange ideas, while enjoying a spectacular view of the lakes and the Alps.”

Journey through Switzerland

“Indeed, booking the train allowed us to have a private wagon with our name on it, it was amazing!”

National and international tickets

EPFL authorizes first-class travel for employees at functional level 7 and above. Note that the Head of the Financial Centre can authorize an upgrade.

For train tickets in Switzerland,  the SBB Webshop is the preferred channel (access via the EPFL Ticket Shop or directly from the SBB Mobile application). It allows you to buy tickets online with a 10% discount as well as Supersaver Tickets and Day Cards.

The mobile application allows the purchase of national tickets up to 2 minutes before departure.

For details on the offer, refunds, access and operation of the Ticket Shop, consult this page.

The Ticket Shop allows you to buy tickets on the main European train lines, with a 10% discount. In the event of a problem with the reservation platform of the destination country, contact the “Businesstravel Service Center”: 0848 111 456 (Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5.30 p.m., local rates).

Access to the EPFL Ticket Shop is managed by an Accred right. They are requested from the accreditor of your unit. You can find the name of your accreditors in the “administration” data of the EPFL directory. For more information, consult the Accred website.

Any special non-nominative ticket can also be ordered through SBB Businesstravel, but are sent by post only. It is therefore necessary to allow at least 3 business days before receiving your order.

The SBB Webshop allows you to purchase the entire range of public transport products. Some products are temporarily only available on the former SBB Ticketshop platform. The availability of international tickets on the SBB Webshop is constantly evolving, if an international ticket is not available on the SBB Webshop please choose the menu “International tickets” in the EPFL Ticketshop.

National tickets

  • Reimbursement of train tickets ordered on the Ticket Shop is made online. A flat-rate amount of CHF 10.- is retained by SBB for each request.
  • For other ticket categories, please send your request to the Accounting Department, together with the “CFF/SBB ticket refund request” form.

International tickets

  • Request for reimbursement BEFORE the date of departure: from the SBB headquarters in Brig on 0848 111 456 or directly online.
  • Request for refund AFTER departure date: refer to the ticket refund conditions.
Businesstravel Service Center

Phone: 0848 111 456 (Mon-Fri, 08.00 – 17.30, local rate)

Ticket Shop support

Technical problems and use of the tool: [email protected]


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