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YUVA – Indians is always looking for dynamic interested members from EPFL and UNIL.  Are you motivated to contribute to the association by being a part of the decision-making process and the working team, or just want to be a part of the fun?  We have different ways you can join YUVA – Indians:

How to become a part of YUVA – Indians Association

Become a part of the association or help us in the decision making of the association as a working team. You will get a chance to use specific skill sets and develop a professional team working ability. We also organize fun team building activities to promote a friendly and healthy work environment.

As a part of core team, you will get an attested certificate of merit from YUVA – Indians defining the skills you learned and expressed during your tenure. 

For becoming a core member or a member, we need to follow the standard protocol as mentioned below:
1. Simply fill in this form.
2. For core-membership, please also send us an email ([email protected]) stating your interest and motivation to join YUVA – Indians Association and it will be reviewed by the core committee members.
You can click here to see our new working structure with the role description and you may also decide where you would like to contribute.

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