Events of 2020

Date Events


General Assembly




Holi – Celebration of Colors [Covid-19 Social distancing]




Independence Day Celebration





Semaine des Associations/ Associations Week [On Zoom]

17.10.2020 & 18.10.2020



YUVA Online Chess Tournament (October 2020)

Watch the game here




YUVA Photo Contest (October 2020). Watch the Photo Gallery here. Watch the prize ceremony here.






Yuvaali-2020 (Online) Watch the whole event here




S01E01:  19.12.2020 (14 h CET)

S01E02: 02.01.2021 (14 h CET)

S01E03: 27.02.2021 (14 h CET)

S01E04: 05.06.2021 (14 h CET)

Webinar series: My Journey to Switzerland (from an Indian student perspective).

S01E01: Life in Switzerland here.

S01E02: Master’s Applications here.

S01E03: Life of a PhD student here.

S01E04: Packing your bags here.

S01E01: 09.01.2021


S01E02: 13.03.2021


Webinar series: Indian Sanskriti – Indian Culture (2021)

S01E01: Hindustani (North Indian) Classical Music Workshop by Ms. Sanika Kulkarni. Watch the full episode here.

S01E02: Indian Carnatic Music Workshop Workshop by Mr. Abhay Nayampally.

Watch the full episode here.




YUVA Photo Contest (December 2020).  

Watch the Photo Gallery here. Watch the prize ceremony here.


YUVA Photo Contest (February 2021).  Watch the Photo Gallery here.



YUVA Photo Contest (April 2021) and Jury Popular Photo of the Season. Visit the complete photogallery here.



Stay tuned for more events!