YUVA – Indians work closely with the following external collaborators for joint events and projects.

  1. Isadora Danse
  2. Ingeniers du Monde
  3. Swiss India Buisness Forum (SIBF)  
  4. Indian Association of Lausanne (IAL)
  5. Amrita University, India
  6. LEDsafari
  7. CIAO Kids Foundation
  8. GoSports Foundation, India
  9. Gandhi Global Solar Yatra
  10. Association La route du Tchaï (UNIL)

Gandhi Global Solar Yatra

Today, the world is at the crossroads of a contradictory energy scenario wherein, on the one hand, energy access has to be provided to billions while, on the other hand, increasing demand and usage of energy is causing catastrophic climate change. Mahatma Gandhi believed that “Nature can satisfy each one’s need but not greed.” In the current scenario, the natural resources have been over-exploited while the benefits reaped from these resources do not accrue to everyone.

Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 7 calls for ensuring the access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all. However, still, more than 1 billion people lack access to electricity while an estimated 2.8 million people lack access to clean cooking fuels. While atmospheric CO2 concentration has increased substantially due to the increased use of fossil fuels owing to energy demand pressures, which has made the world already hotter by nearly 1°C


Isadora Dance

Come and dance with Isadora to the twisting rhythm of Indian Film music!!

Isadora Sofia Torrero from Italy specializes in classical dance forms like Ballet and Indian dance forms of Kathak and Bollywood. She studied classical Indian dance at the spiritual Indian city of Varanasi. She toured Europe and performed with the group ‘Protidhwani‘ of Varanasi. Isadora  does not open her heart solely to dance; In parallel to her career, she is responsible for numerous educational projects aimed at young people.To better explain the Indian spiritual culture and tradition, Isadora  uses her working tool: dance. She is also the founder of the ArtsAid shows, which are attended by volunteers from different cultures around the world. Today she teaches in Switzerland and abroad.

Each dance brings you to discover a different region of India, its extraordinary culture and the Bollywood film industry.

Isadora conducts Bollywood dance course and training inspired by the classical and folk dance of India! Click the image to know more!  isadora_dance

Isadora and her students performing during YUVA and IAL Indian Independence day 2017 programme


Watch Isadora and her team perform next at the YUVA Diwali celebrations on October 28th at EPFL!! See you there! 🙂isadora_diwali

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