General organisation of the STI faculty workshops

The Faculty’s strategy is to organise the workshops into a distributed group of skills that share coherent resources and develop the necessary complementarities.

Its main objective is to provide support for teaching and research, open to all units of the Faculty and possibly the School, subject to availability. Coordinated planning will make it possible to capitalise on specific skills, adjust services and infrastructures to current and future needs, and keep them operational.

The organisation is based on the following requirements:

  • decentralised management
  • transparency of charges
  • development of skills and consistency of equipment through inter-workshop projects

To this end, the Faculty management has set up an operational structure under the supervision of a workshop director. While freely developing the organisational details in such a way as to respect the above foundations, their missions are expressed as follows:

Workshop manager

Appointed by the Workshops Department, the workshop manager is the point of contact for users. As the gateway to his or her own workshop, but also to the other workshops in the Faculty, he or she manages resources and draws up invoices for services in accordance with the procedures defined by his or her department.

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