Workshop at the Institute of Mechanical Engineering.
Competence centre for 5-axis CNC machining and complex shapes, consultancy, CNC turning and milling, three-dimensional measurement and reverse engineering. Catia V5 and Solidworks construction.
Aube de turbine

  • STI Faculty Centre of Competence in 5-axis CNC: Machining: 5-axis milling has a number of advantages: It makes 5-sided parts very easy to machine. It allows continuous machining and ensures good surface finishes. Complex parts can be machined in a single step, guaranteeing perfect precision.
  • CNC milling: Machining of complex left-hand surfaces, 3D shapes and moulds.
  • 4-axis CNC turning: Turning and milling of complex revolution parts.
  • Conventional milling, turning and drilling to respond quickly to simple requests.
  • Surface and cylindrical grinding: to achieve a perfectly shaped surface.
  • Consultancy: CAD and CAM feasibility studies to make projects feasible with the resources available.
  • Three-dimensional measurement: palpated measurement of points and numerical comparison of a known quantity with the measured quantity.
  • Reverse engineering: Reconstruction of surfaces from point clouds generated by 3D laser scanners.
  • Welding: Brazing, spot welding, stainless steel and aluminium TIG welding.
  • Apprenticeship training: Every two years, a new polymechanic apprentice is trained over a period of four years to obtain his polymechanic CFC with the possibility of an integrated technical diploma.


Present: Monday to Friday

Responsable d’atelier: Maxime Raton

MEC 1406 (Bâtiment ME)
Station 9
CH-1015 Lausanne
Tél.: [ 41 21 69] 359 90

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