X-ray microtomographies by Catherine Leutenegger. Outdoor exhibition in front of the SG building, EPFL Lausanne.

Microtomographies aux rayon X par Catherine Leutenegger. Exposition en extérieur, devant le bâtiment SG, EPFL, Lausanne.

Unnatural Studies

In the wake of her work exploring science and new image acquisition tools, visual artist Catherine Leutenegger presents a series of pictures captured by a high-resolution micro-ct scanner

Used in various fields of research, including engineering, medicine and archaeology, this device belonging to the PIXE platform (Interdisciplinary Platform of X-ray Microtomography within the ENAC faculty) allows the 3D rendering of the inner and outer structure of materials without altering them.

The exhibition Unnatural Studies reveals the scientific and artistic potential of this non-destructive imaging technology, which unveils what cannot be seen with the naked eye. This intimate look into the geometry and microstructures of natural or artificial materials invites the spectator to travel inside matter and empty space, of which all things are made. Behind the apparent simplicity and the trivial nature of the objects collected, are hidden unknown worlds of fascinating complexity and intriguing beauty.

In this way, the artist reinterprets the traditional still life genre through an experimental lens, where matter is no longer exclusively seen at its surface.


Practical information

  • Open air exhibition
  • From 18.05.2022 to 20.06.2022
  • Free access 7 days/week
  • In front of the SG building at EPFL, Lausanne