Minor in Urban Planning and Territorial Development

The aim of urban studies and planning is to understand territorial dynamics, their translation into urban and environmental projects,  and the designing, planning and management of building complexes, infrastructures, services and political policies. Playing with scales ranging from neighborhoods to large regions allows for differentiation in these spaces.

The dynamics between the different spatial scales are studied from economical, social, political, technological, cultural and environmental perspectives.

An Interdisciplinary Minor

The Minor in Territorial Development and Urbanism is offered to Masters’ Degree students from the three sections of the ENAC Faculty (Science and Environment Engineering, Civil Engineering and Architecture).

For the engineers, it provides an alternative to the specialisations offered by their section. To complete the minor, a student must obtain 30 credits from the classes on offer. The minor is managed by the Section of Architecture (SAR). Courses are taught by members of  the three sections of the ENAC.

The students of the three masters programs thus have the opportunity to acquire in-depth knowledge in the science of territorial planning (land use planning, economic or regional geography, urbanism).

The minor does not offer a specific diploma, but is mentioned in the Diploma supplement.



Administration of the minor

Laure Palluel Kochnitzky
+41 21 693 73 06
[email protected]

Academic direction

Dr Stéphane Joost, MER
Building GC D2 398 – Station 18
CH-1015 Lausanne
[email protected]