Migration from Fortran to Python of an open-source package for composite materials fatigue life prediction.


The CCFatigue software, as of today is a suite of Fortran scripts capable of performing the necessary calculations to estimate the fatigue life of composite laminates and structural components under complex cyclic stress states of variable amplitude. The software is useful for scientist working in the field and for covering industry needs related to the fatigue design of structures. It can also be used a research tool for the validation of in-house developed methods and benchmarking processes to assess the effectiveness of different modules; The theory covered by the CCfatigue software is common in the scientific and the industrial communities working with fatigue of composite materials and structures.

In its current form, the software constrains the user to very specific data input formats, that are not documented nor interoperable. The scripts contains a lot of hardcoding to adapt to this unique format. The scripts – developed in Fortran 7 – have not been maintained, and are currently only partially functional, with many warnings messages.

With the ENAC Open Software Support grant, these scripts will be migrated to Python 3. Debugging will be conducted jointly with the lab’s domain experts. Furthermore, the routines that need optimization will be revised. The resulting pipelines will be made available through a Python package, downloadable on the Python Package Index (Pypi), making the modules easily usable and following open-source standards with version control, automated documentation etc.

General information

  • PI: Anastasios Vassilopoulos, CCLAB
  • Implementation: ENAC-IT4R
  • Start date: January 2022