Ph.D. in Physiological Ecology

The Plant Ecology Research Lab at EPFL and the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow, and Landscape Research WSL is seeking applications for a Ph.D. student (100%) in forest ecology and tree physiology.

The successful applicant will work on the physiological mechanisms of heat tolerance in European forests from the leaf-level to the whole ecosystem. The work will be conducted by combining manipulative experiments in controlled growth chamber conditions and field-based manipulative experiments in natural forests.

In addition to research, the candidate will have the opportunity to mentor and collaborate with undergraduate and graduate students, and gain teaching experience at EPFL. The position is planned for four years and based at EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland. The successful applicant will have to apply to the EDCE doctoral school of EPFL (see the following link for application deadlines:

Qualifications: You have a master in plant physiology, ecology, environmental sciences, or a related field.

Please send a CV and a cover letter including the names of two references (pdf format) to Charlotte Grossiord ([email protected]). The PhD is scheduled to start in August 2024. We will start reviewing applications by June 1st 2024. Charlotte Grossiord will be happy to answer any questions or offer further information.