Student Projects

We offer master and semester projects for SIE students or any motivated students. Topics revolve around plant ecology and may include fieldwork, laboratory, aerial image analysis (drones) or MicroCT images. Contact Charlotte Grossiord for more information!

Canopy of conifers from above.


Master Thesis in Urban Tree Ecology

Are you interested in how trees at EPFL cool their environment with transpiration and shading? And in how stressed they are during heatwaves in summer?

We are offering a Master project studying tree physiology and urban microclimate on the EPFL campus. The project will start in April/May and continue throughout the growing season until September 2024.

We plan to measure tree transpiration throughout the growing season and calculate its cooling effect, regularly assess tree water stress and leaf responses to heat and drought, and monitor the microclimate in and outside the tree canopy. By comparing different species growing on the campus, we want to find out which trees are dealing best with hot droughts during the summer while efficiently cooling their environment.

The project includes several field campaigns on the EPFL campus, data analysis (preferably in R) and interpretation. Occasionally, we will need to do measurements very early in the morning.

Starting date: from mid-April to early June.

Contact: PERL lab, [email protected]

Last master student working on urban trees project in Lancy (GE).