Prof. Jieping Zhu

Research Interests
Total synthesis of natural products, Multicomponent reaction, Metal-catalyzed Domino process, Catalytic enantioselective transformation.


1984, B.Sc., Hanzhou Normal University, P. R. China
1987, M.Sc., Lanzhou University (Prof. Y.-L. Li), P. R. China
1991, Ph.D., Université Paris XI (Prof. H.-P. Husson and Prof. J.-C. Quirion), France
1991-1992, Post-doct., Texas A & M University (Prof. Sir D. H. R. Barton), USA

Academic Positions
1992-2000, “Chargé de Recherche” at ICSN, CNRS, France
2000-2006, Director of Research, 2nd class, at ICSN CNRS, France
2006-2010, Director of Research, 1st class at ICSN, CNRS, France
2010-present, Professor, ISIC, EPFL


1996, CNRS bronze medal (1996)
1999, French Chemical Society SCF-Acros award (1999)
2002, AstraZeneca Award in Organic Chemistry (UK)
2002, Japan Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS) fellow
2003, Prix Emile Jungfleisch of French Academy of Sciences
2003, National Science Foundation Outstanding Young Oversea Scientist award (China)
2004, Liebig Lectureship of the German Chemical Society
2008, Novartis Chemistry Lecture Award (Switzerland)
2009, CNRS Silver medal
2010, French Chemical Society-Division of Organic Chemistry SCF-DCO award.
2015, Nankai University Lectureship on Organic Chemistry, Nankai University, Tianjing, P. R: China
2016, Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) Natural Product Chemistry Award, UK
2017, KAIST-BK21 School of Molecular Science Lectureship award, South Korea