Computing Ressources

  • Metz (local cluster) is a Dalco Intel cluster made of two parts. The first part is composed of 28 nodes with 2 Intel Harpertown quad-core processors at 2.50GHz and 4GB of RAM, while the second part is composed of 20 nodes with 2 Intel Gulftown six-core processors at 2.67 GHz and 24GB of RAM. All nodes are interconnected with an Infiniband network. The two parts share a front node and a storage node with 10.8TB.
  • Castor is a Dalco Intel Ivy Bridge cluster, available from March 2014. It is composed of 50 standard nodes with 64 GB of RAM each, 2 large memory nodes with 256 GB of RAM each, and a 10 GbE network. Each node has 2 Ivy Bridge processors with 8 cores each, running at 2.6GHz.
  • Fidis: an Intel Broadwell cluster with 408 nodes each made of 2 Broadwell processors at 2.6GHz each with 14 cores, with 128/256 GB of RAM, interconnected by an infiniband FDR fully-non-blocking connectivity with fat-tree topology.

More informations about available ressources can be found on the SCITAS web page.

Source: Photos © Alain Herzog