High Performance Computing

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The physical problems studied in our laboratory span different fields ranging from material science to structural mechanics and different techniques from atomistic to finite element models. Our research requires computationally intensive numerical simulations. Many of the softwares that we use are developed by our team, such as the open-source codes LibMultiScale and Akantu. LibMultiScale is a framework which allows the coupling of simulations at different scales.  Akantu is an optimized object-oriented finite element library. We also use other open-source codes such as LAMMPS for molecular dynamic simulations.

To advance our comprehension of physical mechanisms, we need to manipulate huge data sets. Therefore, we have to resort to clusters to run our simulations in a parallel fashion. We use different clusters to execute our codes. We benefit from a local cluster, Metz, in addition to our access to EPFL’s shared clusters such as Deneb and Fidis.