Special guest at LSME

We are very pleased to welcome Dr Juan Carlos Idrobo from the Center for Nanophase Materials Science at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory for a two day visit. Dr Idrobo has been invited to present a seminar in the Quantum Science and Condensed Matter series, where he gives “A Glimpse into Electron Microscopy in the Quantum Information Era“. He is a world renowned electron microscopy whose research consists in applying analytical techniques in electron spectroscopy within monochromated and aberration-corrected electron microscopy to study the structure, electronic, magnetic, optical and topological properties of materials. Having published over 150 papers in peer reviewed journals with over 12’000 citations, Dr Idrobo has recently been promoted to Group Leader of the Electron & Atom Probe Microscopy Group at Oakridge. While here, we and other labs are benefiting from many profitable discussions with him.