Quantification of minor and trace elements by STEM-EDX/EELS

The aim of this project is to achieve the highest possible precision for quantification of minor or even trace elements at the nanoscale, by taking advantage of simultaneous acquisition of the low loss and core loss EELS signals, as well as EDXS signals, in one spatially-resolved STEM scan, and then introducing PCA and other statistical methods from the MSA family to mine the spectral image datasets. The experimental work will be done using the FEI Titan Themis at CIME, with spherical aberration correction, monochromated electron source, and fast/high sensitivity spectroscopy capabilities. The developed methodology will be utilized to investigate dopant quantity and distribution in minerals and transparent alumina samples, thus providing solid evidence for interpreting their physical properties.

PhD student (LSME): Hui Chen

PhD advisor: Prof. Cécile Hébert