3D reconstruction of curvilinear one-dimensional objects by TEM

The Synergistic Approach to Capturing and Exploiting Microscopy Images (SCEM) Sinergia project aims to advance the 3D imaging of curvilinear structures as well as image reconstruction techniques. In the LSME part of the project, we will suppress the tedious steps involved in conventional electron tomography by obtaining fast and reliable 3D information about specimens from a limited set of 2D transmission electron microscopy (TEM) micrographs. As a test object for reconstruction, we have chosen dislocations, which are structurally and opto-electronically important one-dimensional defects in crystals. Due to their diverse contrasts in TEM images, they represent a challenging case for 3D electron imaging. Working in collaboration with computer vision scientists (Computer Vision Laboratory) and mathematicians (Laboratory for Topology and Neuroscience), we will develop a generally applicable approach that will allow the precise reconstruction of one-dimensional curvilinear structures within the 3D volume of various samples, with the possibility of expanding this to more complex 2D and 3D features in the material.

Project collaborators:

PhD students: Gulnaz Ganeeva, Okan Altingövde, Oner Doruk, Adélie Garin, Georgios Foustoukos, Yanqi Liu

Scientific assistant: Anastasiia Mishchuk

Senior scientists: Emad Oveisi, Duncan Alexander, Mateusz Kozinski

Professors/PIs: Cécile Hébert, Pascal Fua, Kathryn Hess, Carl Petersen