Precision analysis of electronic oxide lattices and superlattices

The controlled growth of perovskite oxide thin films under conditions of epitaxial strain, or as alloys or superlattices, provides extensive scope for manipulating their structural, electronic and magnetic properties, thereby allowing novel investigations of fundamental physical phenomena. In this research, working in collaboration with the Triscone Group at the DQMP in the University of Geneva, we are studying carefully-grown oxide lattices using aberration-corrected scanning transmission electron microscopy and microanalysis, in order to make precise measurements of atomic column positions and compositions in bulk films and across interfaces. Current topics include: the study of rare earth vanadates towards the creation of artificial ferroelectrics; and analysis of the metal-to-insulator transition in nickelate alloys and superlattices.

Microscopy director: Dr Duncan Alexander

Postdoctoral researcher: Dr Bernat Mundet (LSME and DQMP)

Collaborator: Triscone Group, DQMP, UNIGE.

Research linked to projects:
SNF: Structural and electronic properties of oxide structures and oxide interfaces